“El arte egipcio”

Book of Egyptian Art. Maria Rosa Valdesogo Martin. Ancient EgyptEl arte egipcio. Cómo interpretar y comprender la obra plástica del Antiguo Egipto. Editorial Dilema. Madrid 2011

• 16 cm w. x 23 cm h.
• 256 pages.
• 211 figs.
• soft-cover book.
• Language: Spanish
• ISBN 978-84-9827-228-4

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Abstract: There are many publications about Egyptian art, mostly following the same pattern: a hisorical view of the main masterpieces of Ancient Egypt from Predynastic times to the Coptic period. Excluding Hienrinch Schäfer (Principles of Egyptian Art), scholars have usually written about the history of art in Ancient Egypt and explaining the Egyptian work of art from the political moment in which it was produced.
In this book the approach to Egyptian art is from the work itself, triying to explain in a very didactic way the many rules, reasons, causes…, which determined those figures: ideology, purpose, the people who created them, standards, techniques…
This way, Egyptian art can be understood as an historical and a aesthetic fact.