“El cabello en el ritual funerario del antiguo Egipto”

El cabello en el ritual funerario...Maria Rosa Valdesogo. Ancient EgyptEl cabello en el ritual funerario del Antiguo Egipto a partir de los Textos de los Sarcófagos y de la evidencia iconográfica. AAE-Studia 4. Barcelona. 2005

  • 21 cm w.x 29.5 cm h.
  • 158 pages
  • 42 figs.
  • soft-cover book.
  • Language: Spanish
  • ISBN 84-609-7307-7

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Abstract: An exhasutive research on the Egyptian iconography and funerary texts shows that ancient Egyptian hair was necessary in funerals of Ancient Egypt .
In this book many proves demonstrate that the Egyptian hair in the mourning rite was a crucial for getting the resurrection. The new life of the dead depended on many things: offerings, mummyfication, religious texts for passing to the Afterlife…
Among all o them, the two disheveled women in the role of Isis and Nephtys were essential. That ancient Egyptian hair was not just a sign of sadness, but an element full of symbolism, which helped in the dad’s resurrection.