Welcome to Ancient Egypt!!!

Here you will find my work about Ancient Egypt (books, articles, conferences, posts…).

I usually write about the funerary ceremony in Ancient Egypt and, especially, about different aspects of the Egyptian mourning rite. I started my research activity on it as a student and I am still involved in it.

On the other hand, thanks to many years teaching Egyptian art in the university, I am aware of how important is the image for our knowledge of Ancient Egypt culture. Hieroglyphs and archaeology are essential, but paintings, reliefs, statues…are much more than just decoration.

Egyptian images are the hardware of Egyptian belief, so they give valuable information about ancient Egyptian civilization. And for getting this information we do not have to look at the images, but watch them, analyse them and to come out its content.

I usually treat topics ( using a based on Egyptian art. Watching carefully what Egyptians drew, sketched, carved, painted…, and reflecting on it, we can increase a lot our knowledege of Ancient Egypt (habits, thoughts, evolution in time…).

In my work I always raise the art of Ancient Egypt to the category of historical document and source.Seti I offering his image to Amun-Ra. Temple of Karnak. Ancient Egypt. María Rosa Valdesogo

I hope you will enjoy!!!